The Table displays the content of the selected library.

There are different display modes for the Table:

Single-click an album to switch to the album mode which displays a list of the songs and a larger cover.
Double-click an album to play it in iTunes.
Shift-double-click an album to enqueue it in iTunes.


Simply search a certain artist by typing a search string. krix will automatically scroll to the first artist whose name contains the entered string. The current search string is displayed in the title of the application window and will vanish after a short timeout.

Keyboard Navigation

Left, Right Select next or previous album
Up, Down Select album or song in next or previous row
ReturnOpen selected album in the album mode or play selected song
EscapeOpen the currently playing album in the album mode, cancel an artist search or close the album view
Shift-ReturnEnqueue selected album in iTunes
Alt-ReturnPlay selected album in iTunes
Shift-TabSwitch between compact and artists mode
TabSwitch keyboard focus to the Coffer


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