The Coffer displays a list of your music libraries.

Drag a folder from the Finder onto the Coffer or choose one in the file selection dialog which opens when you press Apple-O or select Open... in the File menu.

The folders you add should be organized like the iTunes library folders:

The added folder contains
  artist folders
    which contain album folders
      which contain the mp3 files.

It is also possible to add folders that are missing the artist level:

The added folder contains
  album folders
    which contain the mp3 files.

Double-click a library to view its contents in the Table.

The first time you view a music library it will take some time to load because krix has to search and prepare the album images. Once the album images are cached, it should run smoothly.

krix searches for album images the following way:

  1. the first image it finds in the album folder
  2. the first song file that is tagged with an image
  3. the image at the path
    (that's where growlTunes stores it's images)

Keyboard Navigation

Up, Down Select next or previous library
ReturnOpen selected library in the Table
TabSwitch keyboard focus to the Table


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