The toolbar behaves like any standard Mac OS X toolbar. You may hide it by pressing the button in the top right corner. You can configure and customize it in the context menu which is available by right-clicking it.

iTunes Remote Control

The iTunes remote provides a simple control of iTunes playback. The buttons to the left behave like the similar buttons in iTunes. They let you:

  • start the current song from the beginning or move a song backwards
  • pause and unpause the current song
  • advance to the next song

Pressing the next or previous buttons longer will fast-forward or rewind the currently playing song.

Switch the time display between remaining and playing time by clicking on it.

If you hover with the mouse over the title display, the control displays two sliders:

Change the playback position with the left or the volume with the right slider.


This button simply closes krix.

Toggle Coffer

This button hides or unhides the Coffer.


This button toggles between the compact and artist mode.


This button will reload the current library in compact or artist mode. A reload might be necessary if you changed the content of the current library folder.

In album mode it will switch back to compact or artist mode.


This button activates the fullscreen mode.

Cover Size

This slider lets you change the size of album covers in compact or artist mode.


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