Apple Remote

krix may be navigated by using the Apple Remote.

To use the IR remote control, you have to activate it in the preferences first.

The functionality of the remote buttons depends on the currently active view (Coffer or Table) and on the current Table mode:


  • Coffer: open selected library
  • Table:
    • compact/artists mode: view the selected album in album mode
    • album mode: play the album or the selected song

  • Coffer: select next/previous library
  • Table:
    • compact/artists mode: select album in next/previous row
    • album mode: select next/previous song

  • Table:
    • hold: switch focus to Coffer
    • compact/artists mode: select previous album
  • Coffer:
    • hold: close Coffer

  • Coffer: switch focus to Table
  • Table:
    • hold: toggle between artists an compact mode
    • compact/artists mode: select next album

  • hold: toggle krix remote navigation
  • Table:
    • compact/artist: show playing album
    • album: back to artist/compact mode

When you toggle the krix remote navigation by holding the menu button for a longer time, the remote will resume it's standard behaviour, e.g. controlling iTunes or Front Row.
To return to the krix remote navigation mode, press the menu button again for a longer time.


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